LumeNet 2020: Eindhoven

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Technical University Eindhoven
10–11 November 2020

Organised in conjunction with Experiencing Light

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to move LumeNet 2020 to a primarily virtual event on 10–11 November 2020.

Conferences usually want to hear about your important findings: LumeNet is a forum for discussing how you arrive at those conclusions.

Discussions such as the experimental procedure you intend to use, how this might be improved, and to identify important issues worthy of study. You will be invited to present your research in order to gain critical feedback – the schedule will allow time for each student’s work to be discussed in depth by other students and by an invited panel of senior researchers.

For 2020, the reviewers included: Yvonne de Kort, Karin Smolders, Steve Fotios, Marilyne Andersen. These reviewers have expertise in different domains of lighting research as well as extensive experience of experimental work. Their feedback will help to improve your research and publication of that research. In this edition of LumeNet, review sessions with students will be preceded by lectures from the LumeNet reviewers on lighting, photometry, lighting design, as well as visual and non-visual effects of lighting on humans.

LumeNet is free to attend.

Submitting projects to review

Attendees were asked to submit an abstract for the abstracts booklet, to give a 3-minute project overview to the whole group, and in small groups to give a 10 minute presentation of their project: the reasons why the work is needed, the objectives, and the proposed methods.