LumeNet 2020


This was my second time in a LumeNET forum. My experience … was very informative and inspiring. Being able to see how other students from different disciplines, approach research in lighting, and hearing discussions about several methods and tools was very interesting. It was incredible to get feedback about my PhD methods from these mentors!
Maria Englezou (University of Cyprus)

I really enjoyed LumeNet... it efficiently offers what conferences can't: individual, dedicated discussions on the questions, methods, and possible outcomes of the PhD project. It was nice that as a student I could talk to distinguished experts who have been in the lighting research for decades, as well as with brilliant young researchers who can very much relate to the challenges a PhD student faces at different stages of his or her program.
Muhammad Hegazy (Osaka University)

LumeNet 2020 was brilliant! I was heartened by the turnout of both students and mentors, impressed with the scope of projects underway, and delighted by how well technology allowed us to bridge the gaps of space and time. I left feeling charged and optimistic! I’m excited to see how the many dissertations develop and grateful to be a part of this global community of people that are passionate about light and lighting.
Professor Kevin Houser (Oregon State University)