LumeNet 2016: Belgium



The Lumenet workshop was a very constructive help in the progress of my PhD. I received very helpful feedback on which methods I could use best. It was nice to hear for once the opinion of lighting experts other than my supervisors. It gave me a fresh look on things.
Christel de Bakker, TU/e

I went home with many interesting and constructive thoughts. I just discussed my new ideas with my co-promotor and she really liked the focus. I like to think it is more specific and concrete.
Juliette van Duijnhoven, TU/e

Thanks to this feedback from you and other experts, we started here in the laboratory new debates (about methodology and experimental setup). Lumenet was/is also a nice place to make connections with other PhD students and experts who are struggling with the "same" problems as me.
Stijn Hermans, KU Leuven

These interactions have greatly contributed to my understanding of doing research, as well as grown my network of international researchers. I would highly recommend others to participate in the next opportunity.
Imke Wies van Mil, Henning Larsen Architects

It was a mix of work and play, learning and funny experiences. This workshop also really helped me to understand which are the aspects of my research I should focus on. It was a great opportunity to share ideas and interact with new people, both PhD students and leading figures in Lighting Research. Definitely recommended!
Benedetta Mattoni, University of Roma

What I particularly liked in LumeNet was that everyone had a chance to present their work without judgement to other PhD students, who were on the same boat and faced similar problems and challenges. Additionally, the fact that the experts gave input about the methodology rather than judging the results was very refreshing and relaxing. Overall, I found the conversations and the exchange of ideas very motivating and helped me gain a better focus on my work.
Angelina Katsifaraki, Fraunhofer Institut