LumeNet 2018: Copenhagen

Aalborg University Copenhagen
16-17 August 2018

Organised in conjunction with the 2018 CIE Research Methods Tutorial

Thanks to everyone who attended, LumeNet 2018 was a great success!

LumeNet 2018 was held at Aalborg University in Copenhagen on 16 - 17 August 2018. It was organised by Steve Fotios and Ásta Logadóttir with help from the scientific committee of the CIE Expert Tutorial and Workshop on Research Methods for Human Factors in Lighting.

There were 33 PhD students, these mainly working at universities in Europe but with some coming from as far as the USA and Australia. This shows that LumeNet is an international event. The review themes included non-visual effects of light, road and outdoor lighting, daylighting, subjective evaluations of lighting and interior lighting design. The abstract booklet can be downloaded (PDF, 1.8MB).

The nine reviewers were Myriam Aries, Jens Christoffersen, Steve Fotios, Kevin Houser, Ásta Logadóttir, Werner Osterhaus, Jim Uttley, Jennifer Veitch and Clarence Waters.

Attendees playing beach volleyball
Photograph by Seda Kacel, Istanbul Technical University

The day before the event some of us met for beach volleyball. Daylight, physical exertion and fun combine to make happier, healthier people.

Joffrey Girard (Université Paris-Est) discussed his work on discomfort glare with (from left to right) Scott Fox, Clotilde Pierson, Steve Fotios, Werner Osterhaus, Yichong Mao, Clarence Waters, Khalid Hamoodh, Sandy Buschmann, and Benedikt Huggins. Photograph by David Kretzer, ETH Zurich.

Students presented their work for review in small groups – around eight students and two senior researchers. An aim of LumeNet is to provide sufficient time for discussion of a project, sadly lacking at many conferences, and thus the schedule allowed each student one hour for their review. A further aim of LumeNet is to encourage participation in discussions: the students at LumeNet 2018 tended to be good at this!


Finally, I must say thanks to Bertil Svensson’s Foundation for sponsoring LumeNet 2018. With their support it was possible to avoid a registration fee, which is a barrier to attendance at some events.