LumeNet 2012


From the reviewers

I thought it struck just the right balance between detailed discussion of projects and general discussion of process. I am sure everybody learnt something and many made valuable contacts. Overall, it was a very worthwhile meeting.
Peter Boyce excellent meeting which seemed to have been enjoyed by all. The organisation was brilliant with a good balance between work and play.
Mike Pointer

I loved the conversational format, which allowed our small groups to pursue ideas without the need to stick to a rigid timeline. We were able to linger on a topic when deeper discussion was warranted, and these were some of the most fruitful periods of the workshop. It was also great to learn about the research problems that others are studying, and it was exciting to see so much enthusiasm and passion from all involved.
Kevin Houser, Penn State University

From the PhD students

I certainly found the entire event beneficial at this very early stage of my research. It opened my eyes to the standards that I need to achieve and gave me new found enthusiasm to work towards them. Thank you once again for your hospitality and critical feedback on my work.
James Duff, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

It was a pleasure to be a part of LumeNet 2012! Thanks to you and your students for the excellent organization of the whole event. Loved it!
Jan Winter, Berlin Institute of Technology

Thanks very much for organising it, it was a really worthwhile event - in fact I'd go so far as to say it was a "must do" for any PhD student in the field of lighting. I'm particularly grateful for being able to have some time with Peter Boyce!
Ruth Kelly, De Montfort University

I think I met all the goals and I'll recommend Liisa to send someone there also in the future. I was really impressed for your devotion on the lighting.
Heli Nikunen, Aalto University